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Personalised Mean Girls Photo & Name Birthday Card an Official Mean Girls Product

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This popular teen comedy movie was released in 2004 stars Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Ana Gsteyer, Amanda Seyfried, and Amy Poehler and focuses on female high school cliques. Partly based on the 2002 non-fiction self-help book Queen Bees and Wannabes, this movie has become a cult hit with many new generations watching it for the first time via streaming services such as Netflix.

Danilo presents this Mean Girls birthday card with Plastics, Gretchen, Regina, and Karen on the front. Newbie, Cady also features on the front of this card with friends and crush, Aaron Samuels. This bright pink card is full of stars and love hearts and can be personalised with the no.1 Mean Girls fan's name and your image of them. There is also the phrase, 'Hope Your Birthday Is A Little Bit Dramatic' because there is always drama in Mean Girls! There is also plenty of space on the inside for you to send your birthday wishes.

Much larger than usual size cards and ideal for that extra special occasion when nothing less than a giant greetings card will do! Danilo's giant cards are perfect to celebrate the special day. At a whopping 297mm x 420mm these are great for making a huge impression. This giant Mean Girls birthday card can be personalised just for your loved one, guaranteed to make them smile!

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