At Danilo, we’re committed to investing in sustainability. We are working alongside our suppliers, retailers and partners to ensure we reduce our environmental impact.

Our main goals in order to help achieve this are:

We will do this via:

  • Receiving external verification on our carbon footprint & creating a carbon reduction plan (coming soon)
  • Creating an internal green team to drive action and understanding
  • Working with industry partners to find packaging solutions

  • Using recyclable finishes on our greetings cards

  • Moving over from 99% to 100% FSC® certification on all products

  • Working with recyclable and recycled materials
  • Recycling all remaining stock combined with office recycling
  • Looking to design our products for reuse where possible
  • Working to achieve a closed-loop system in how we design, package, transport and reuse / recycle products
  • Continuing to publish products in UK where possible
  • Optimisation of our internal travel, ethical and diversity policies
  • Adding clear recycling labels to all our products
  • Working with suppliers to ensure sustainable practice
  • Reduction of energy through new office: LED Lighting installation
  • Installation of Electric Charging points and Solar Panels at the office

We are also proud to be members of Product of Change, an organisation which is designed to share knowledge and move industry to a more sustainable future