Guess How Much I Love You Granddaughter Birthday Card

Guess How Much I Love You


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This ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ card is perfect for your granddaughter, with a soft pastel colour scheme and classic illustrations from the worldwide selling book. This card has little hare in the centre, holding a dandelion which is blowing in the wind whilst he is surrounded by a golden orb of light with the outline of a butterfly’s trail. At the top the message reads “Beautiful Granddaughter, Guess How Much I Love You” which is in a variety of pastel colours and paper background, with star and butterfly illustrations surrounding it. this is then followed by a message on the inside reading “Happy Birthday” in the same letter colour scheme but this time with a numerous drawing of little hare showing you how much he loves you! Including polka dots and plenty of space for you to write your own personal message.



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