WWE is an American entertainment company, primarly most known for professional wrestling, founded in the 1950s and is the largest wrestling promotion in the world. Matches are written and choreographed by professionals and the wrestlers themselves are skilled, trained professionals as some of these performances include moves and stunts which only a trained wrestler could perform, with a risk of injury and in some cases even death.

WWE winners will take home belts and cash prizes, with the winner of the year being awarded $3.5 million. Winner of matches are decided by Vince McMahon, who is the booker and will make decisions and pass them down to the writers who script the scenarios and the agents who put the matches together. The blood you see is mostly real as they wrestle and fight but it is just orgnasied rather than improvising on the day, however fans would rather not damage the performers health and purely watch for the entertainment factor.

In this calendar, across the pages we have A3 sized images of all your favourite wrestlers, wearing their best ring outfits and making their fighting faces. On each page, there is different WWE wrestlers, with famous poses and victories for you to reminisce of the times you watched their matches. Be a part of the action and get yours now, watch all the best victories as the months of the year go by and join in on the fun.