A Nightmare On Elm Street is a 1984 horror, supernatural film which story includes a group of teenagers, all living on the same street keep getting the same, terrifying dreams of a killer that is on a mission to punish them for their promiscuity. However, it is later revealed the 'dreams' aren't just dreams at all...

This merciless killer with leather gloves and sharp blades at the finger tips is determined to teach the group a lesson and get his revenge. The group try to warn each other and overcome the killers intentions but the vengeful killer with psychopathic needs, is also a vengeful ghost and disappears at will. Based on the Asian refugees who fled the States after having terrifying dreams and some of these men died in their sleep soon after.

This calendar is perfect for a fan of the award winning film, arguably the best horror film of that time, with original images of characters from the film which appear on pages of each month and remind you of your favourite film which has you on the edge of you seat and hiding behind the pillow. Count down the months of your year, with a reminder of your favourtie film with artwork and images of characters with snippets from the film itself.