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Its World Animal Day! A day to celebrate and raise awareness of the importance of animals worldwide. Whether they are wild or domestic, they are amazing creatures who deserve our love, care, and respect.  

To join in with festivities today, let’s find out which animal you are most similar too in our special ‘Which Animal am I?’ quiz:


Q1 What are you doing this weekend?

A) Going on a forest walk, possibly climbing some trees

B) Going out with friendS

C) Going to the gym, with a wonderful swim in the pool after

D) Chilling at with a relaxing bath and a book

E) Sleeping all weekend long

Q2 What is your dream holiday?

A) Europe

B) Antarctica

C) I want to go everywhere and travel the world

D) Africa

E) America

Q3 What is your Favourite food?

A) A gorgeous steak with a side of chips

B) Classic Cod and chips

C) Seafood linguine

D) Scrap the meal I just want a fruit salad

E) A healthy leafy salad

Q4 What is your Favourite colour?

A) Black

B) White

C) Blue

D) Grey

E) Green

Q5 How do you feel today?

A) Strong

B) Social

C) Energetic

D) Sensitive

E) Tired



If you answered mostly A’s you’re a Bear! Bears are large mammals that inhabit forests and mountainous areas. They can be found in North and South America, as well as in Europe and Asia. They have an excellent sense of smell and love to eat plants, insects, fish, and meats.


If you answered mostly B’s you’re a Penguin! Penguins are aquatic flightless birds that love to socialise. They can be found in the coldest regions, almost exclusively to the southern hemisphere. Their black and white plumage serves as camouflage while swimming and they enjoy indulging in a fish feast of sardines and cod.


If you answered mostly C’s you’re a Dolphin! Dolphins are highly intelligent mammals, and it may be obvious, but they love to swim. These creatures don’t have an exact country that they can be found in as they travel all over. They have well-developed sense of hearing and they enjoy eating fish, mainly jelly fish and squid.


If you answered mostly D’s you’re an Elephant! Elephants are the largest land animal. They can be found in some of the hottest climates of Africa and Asia. Thought to be highly intelligent, elephants appear to also show self-awareness and empathy. They enjoy spending their time showering themselves with their trunks. They also eat an herbivore diet with the exception of fruit.


If you answered mostly E’s you’re a Sloth! Sloths inhabit in tall trees in the rainforests of Central and South America. This adorable creature may be clumsy on land, but they are great swimmers. Algae often grows on their fur, which camouflages them green. Their days consist of eating leaves and sleeping all day whilst hanging upside down.




We hope you enjoyed our animal quiz! Tell us which animal you are most like in the comments below.

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