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Peaky Blinders is a powerful drama set in the 1920’s in the aftermath of the Great War and follows one of the most powerful gangs of the time, run by returning war hero Thomas Shelby and his family.

This Bafta award-winning crime drama has become one of the most popular drama series on the BBC, with a record amount of UK viewers tuned into BBC’s Peaky Blinders for its series five finale airing on 22nd September 2019. Overall, 3.84 million people watched the episode, blowing away the record previously set by episode three (3.76 million). Furthermore, the first four episodes of the drama – starring Cillian Murphy and Helen McCrory – averaged a massive 5.9 million in seven-day consolidated viewing across all screens.

Alongside the showing of series 5, 2019 proved to be a busy year for the drama, with an annual festival taking place in Birmingham as well as the announcement of a series six and seven now in the pipeline!

Plus this fantastic show even made a star appearance in our official 2019 Calendar Chart, with the Peaky Blinders 2020 calendar coming it at No 9 of the top ten most popular official calendars bought last year across the UK! We hope our official 2021 edition, available to preorder now, will climb up the calendar chart even more this year.

2020 also sees an exciting addition for Danilo, with the introduction of new official personalised and standard Peaky Blinders Greetings Cards. Featuring your favourite characters such as Tommy Shelby and a range of well-known captions such as “Go Fetch the Cake Arthur…” and “To a Blinding Dad, there is plenty of cash in this card…” so why not have a look at the range now and select your favourite design to send to the Peaky Blinders fans in your life.


And to see how much you know about the show, why not take our fun Peaky Blinders quiz?


Q1: Name the Writer and Creator or Peaky Blinders?

  1. Sam Neill
  2. Paul Anderson
  3. Steven Knight


Q2: Which character does Tom Hardy play in Series 2?

  1. Alfie Solomons
  2. Charlie Strong
  3. Jimmy McCavern


Q3: What is the name of Tommy’s grey race horse in season 2?

  1. Tommy’ Keepsake
  2. Grace’s Secret
  3. Ada’s Mystery


Q4: In which series did actress Anya Taylor-Joy (character Gina Grey) join Peaky Blinders?

  1. Series Three
  2. Series Four
  3. Series Five


Q5: In which city is Peaky Blinders set in?

  1. Wolverhampton
  2. Coventry
  3. Birmingham


Q6: The head of which animal is present on top of Inspector Campbell’s walking cane?

  1. Wolf
  2. Tiger
  3. Bear


Q7: Which year is the first episode of the first season set in?

  1. 1917
  2. 1918
  3. 1919


Q8: Name the actress who plays Polly Gray?

  1. Sophie Rundle
  2. Helen McCrory
  3. Natasha O'Keeffe


Q9: Outside of Tommy, Arthur, Polly and Ada, which character has featured in the most episodes throughout the history of the show?

  1. John Shelby
  2. Charlie Strong
  3. Freddie Thorne


Q10: When did the first series premiere on TV?

  1. September 2013
  2. September 2014
  3. September 2015



And here are the answers. Let us know how many you got right...


1. Steven Knight  2.Alfie Solomons 3.Grace's Secret  4.Series Five  5.Birmingham 6.Wolf  7.1919  8.Helen McCrory 9.Charlie Strong  10.September 2013


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Jun 05, 2020

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