London, Thursday 29 November 2018:  According to the results of a new survey**, mum is still very much the head of the household when it comes to managing the family’s schedule of diary commitments.

The findings emerged in a study of over 1,000 households by Danilo Promotions, the UK’s largest publisher of official licensed calendars and diaries and shows that a whopping 63% people said that appointments plotted into the family calendar falls to mum, with the remaining organisers being Dads, Grandparents and child-carers.

The survey goes on to reveal that Mum is also the most likely to give a calendar as a birthday gift or Christmas stocking filler, maybe with the hope that their children will become more organized, as research shows that children are the most likely to be late to scheduled appointments and their activities take up the most room on the family calendar (40%).


Interestingly though, despite there often being a family focus when buying calendars, 54% of people voting prefer the standard wall calendar format with only 46% opting for a more family-friendly planner instead. This may be due to the fact that 54% state that they use more than one planning tool to keep themselves and their family organised – with a third of these claiming they use a pocket diary in addition to their calendar. This is reflected in Danilo’s sales figures, which have seen a huge 25% increase in diary sales in the past 3 years.


Another third of people who use more than one planning tool, claim they have a digital calendar linked to their email account in addition to their paper calendar, showcasing how technology can work alongside traditional paper products in modern society, instead of replacing it. Which most find surprising considering the increasing trend of technology reliance over the past ten years – with 78%* of UK adults now owning a smartphone (and 95% among millennials) and 71%* saying they never turn off their phone.

This resilience of paper products is supported by David Pike, Director of the Calendar Club, one of the UK’s leading shopping centre retailers, who sell Danilo licensed calendars, as he states that calendars are here to stay: “The overall calendar market in the UK remains around £75-80m [per annum] and customers continue to see calendars as a relevant, personal and a good value gifts, especially for Christmas.”

And when it comes to the type of paper calendars the UK nation buys, the majority, (especially in areas like Wales, the North West of England and Yorks and Humberside) prefer wildlife / nature calendars such as BBC Blue Planet, closely followed by personalised calendars and then movie / entertainment calendars. With the stunning imagery used in these types of calendars, it’s no surprise that many people continue to use their calendar monthly pages as artwork on their walls to display what they are passionate about.

When asked about movie / entertainment calendars, Disney came out on top with 46% favouring a Marvel Avengers themed calendar, followed by Classic Disney Characters, Pixar Movies and Star Wars.



The survey also shows that from a more regional perspective, London seems to have the biggest preference for football calendars, Scotland favours more towards music artists calendars and the North East of England leans more towards model and celebrity calendars.


So, with nearly 80% of UK household calendars being purchased as gifts, mostly by mums followed by friends, and with 40% bought solely in December, it’s no surprise that calendars are a key purchase for Christmas (including Secret Santa’s) as well as Birthdays and Chanukah and calendars continue to be popular with the UK nation year-after-year.




*Stats on technology from Ofcom online article “A decade of digital dependency”, 2nd August 2018

**Survey conducted between 10th-30th September 2018 amongst a sample of

1189 nationwide respondents

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