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The Gruffalo

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Size: 7 x 5 Inch

Includes Envelope

Send your thanks with this Gruffalo card that features the monstrous Gruffalo and his child. This Official card is dedicated to the story and features the mouse from the story sitting on the caption "A big thank you to a special Teacher" which is printed in white text on orange, blue, and purple borders. In the centre of the card, there is a tree trunk with the message "You're the Best!" in between the two Gruffalos.

On the inside of this thank you card there is the Gruffalo and more of his forest friends including the fox and owl from the story. "Thanks so much!" is also printed on the inside of this card in colourful blocks within a white circle, the rest of the inside is blue with animal sketches. There is still plenty of space on the inside for you to send your own thank you message too.

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