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Hasbro Monopoly 'New Home' Card

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Size: 7 x 5 Inch

Includes Envelope

Introducing the Hasbro Monopoly 'New Home' Card, where the excitement of the classic game meets modern twists! Embark on a journey of property acquisition and strategic gameplay with this dynamic addition to the Monopoly family.

Designed for both seasoned Monopoly enthusiasts and newcomers alike, 'New Home' Card breathes fresh life into the timeless game. Imagine the thrill of building your property empire in a vibrant new setting, filled with unexpected opportunities and challenges.

Whether you're negotiating deals, collecting rent, or strategizing your next move, the Monopoly 'New Home' Card adds an exciting layer of unpredictability to the classic game. Gather your family and friends, and get ready to experience the joy of homeownership in a whole new way with Hasbro Monopoly 'New Home' Card!

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