It’s a brand-new year, and we all tend to start the year with good intentions, whether it is to eat healthier or to save more money. But approximately two thirds of us who make resolutions don’t tend to keep them past February.

So, to help improve the chances of achieving our resolutions, here are our top tips

  •  Firstly, try not to change everything at one and focus on one main area of your life. Having one goal makes it easier to concentrate on and to achieve. Once that has been decided, look at breaking down this main goal into smaller and more manageable steps and continue to remind yourself of your successes and that you will get there. If not sure how to do this, then take some time to research your resolution which will give you some guidance.

  • Be realistic with your goal and time frame, no one is going to achieve their goal overnight. So, firstly begin with a start date for your resolution and an overall timeline of when you would like to achieve it. Then when you break down your main goal into smaller steps, you can plan them in by month or by week. This way, all your steps are planned out across the year and is more gradual rather than a large change in one go. To help plan in your resolution schedule, why not select one of our official  2022 calendars or diaries? Perhaps one for your favourite football team, TV show, film or music icon, to help boost your motivation? We currently have up to 50% off sale on select lines so why not have a look now at  Official 2022 Calendars, Diaries, Greeting Cards & Gift Wrap | Danilo – Danilo Promotions

  • Tell people about your resolution, don’t keep it to yourself. This will allow your friends and family to frequently check in with you, plus the added accountability increases the likelihood of succeeding. Also, it may be that someone you know has the same resolution as you, meaning you can both provide support to each other to achieve that goal.

  • Make sure you continue to track your progress and ensure that you reward yourself with small treats once you’ve completed the next step. This will help motivate you to keep going.

  • Always remember that no one is perfect and breaking a habit is just as hard as introducing a new one. Don’t beat yourself up if if you slip up, just pick yourself up and keep going. Make a note of the triggers and bad habits that caused this set back and use it as a learning to move forward with.

We hope you enjoyed these top tips and please do let us know below if you have any that worked for you 😊

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