The Mandalorian: The Child 2022 Square Wall Calendar

The Mandalorian: The Child 2022 Square Wall Calendar

Star Wars The Mandalorian


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Baby Yoda or Grogu can be called 'The Child' among the Star Wars fans and is a character from the Star Wars Disney+ newest TV series 'The Mandalorian.' Baby Yoda is an infant member of the same unnamed alien species as the Star Wars character 'Yoda', images of this much-loved character fill this colourful calendar.

Baby Yoda was created by The Mandalorian creator 'Jon Favreau' as he wanted to explore the mystery around the character 'Yoda' and his species. He is a character who is a puppet with computer-generated imagery and cost over £4 million to make.  He is the biggest new character to emerge from 'The Mandalorian.' 

Don't hesitate to buy today the New Star Wars Baby Yoda 2022 Square Wall Calendar which features the character Grogu for your Baby Yoda fan. Not forgetting the fabulous pictures and there is of course plenty of room to write all your important dates in the date panels provided as well.



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