The Archers is a BBC soap opera which was initially based on an everyday story of country folk and is now a comedy drama in a rural setting. Having aired over 19,000 episodes it's the longest running soap drama in the world and is watched and loved by millions. Arguably the beginning of soap operas and certainly most famous, running from the 1950s and setting the tone for other programs with the same genre.

The Archers is set in a fictional villages of Ambridge in England, soap operas deal with especially domestic situations and are frequently characterised by melodrama and sentimentality. A significant element that defines the soap opera is the open ended serial-nature of the narrative, with stories going across several episodes. Soap operas like The Archers also have a luxury of space that makes them seem more naturalistic but have longer scenes.

This calendar is perfect for soap opera fans, with the Archers being the original and most  classic soap opera of all time, the first to run and can be remembered by fans by purchasing this calendar covered with unique photos of different characters on each page. What more fun way to count down the months of the year? With your favourtie characters as you can reminisce on old, legendary episodes and sing the months away.