The character Pusheen was created in 2010 by the duo of Claire Belton and Andrew Buff for a their comic strip called 'Pusheen Things.'  Today through the growth of social media she has become a very famous grey, chubby, female cat.  Estimated with all the merchandise whether its stationary, toys, clothes or t-shirts has help to gross for this brand over £20 million a year.

Pusheen's character shows her having a human personality with her overweightness and her constant love of snacking.  She also loves to watch TV and spend time with the family and go on adventures.  Of course Pusheen is very cute and adorable!! 

The Pusheen Official Mini 2021 Calendar is the ideal calendar for Kitchens, Desks and limited wall spaces. There are pictures on each month of Pusheen and there is the opportunity to write notes as well for 2021.