Pusheen 2022 Calendar Gift Box Set

Pusheen 2022 Calendar Gift Box Set



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Pusheen is a female cartoon cat who is the main character in comic strips and iconic, adorable stickers on Facebook and Instagram, created in 2010 by Claire Bolton and Andrew Duff for a comic strip on their famous website called 'Everyday Cute'. It is used on social media sites and their blog. Pusheen is a cat who adores blogging herself, snacking on her favourite foods, and going on adventures, just like her crazy cat fans!

She's sometimes drawn in other themes like the well-known Pusheenosoraus rex with her sister Stormi as the dinosaur egg. She's also been pictured as a Pushicorn, Purrmaid, and many more themes to make you giggle. The Facebook page has over 9.2 million fans as of Feb. 2019 and has been expanding ever since.

This Gift Box Set is perfect for a fan of the adorable Pusheen. Inside is an Official 2022 Square Calendar, a sweet A5-sized diary, and a Pusheen pen all presented in a beautiful keepsake box.

Dimensions: 314mm X 314mm X 41mm



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