The rescue team have returned with a calendar, with all your favourtie team members covered all over the pages. Captain Turbot leads a group of rescue pups to protect the town of Adventure Bay and as the team's famous catch phrase states, 'no job is too big, no pup is too small' for any of these pups...They're determined to save the day no matter what the problem is!

Each member has their own call out catchphrase which makes whatever the mission, done in 'pawsome' style. This is a perfect show to teach kids about bravery and heroism, with exciting stories which encourage children to be kind to others and give out help when needed. Ryder leads the team on all kinds of missions, with each dog possessing their own personal occupation and skill to deliver to the mission and make the perfect rescue team. On the team they have a firefighter named Marshall, a police officer named chase, and an aviation pilot named Skye. They all live in their doghouses but can transform into their customised vehicles for any mission on command and be ready to save the day!

This calendar is a fun way for your little one to count down the months of the year, with their heroes on each page wearing their colourful uniforms, suitable  for any mission. on each page, there is images on each pup with classic outfits and poses on each page. this calendar will be sure to put a smile on a paw patrol 's fan face and make them have a 'pawsome' year!