Minecraft continues to be a phenomenon from its enter into the gaming market in 2009.  It is essentially a Lego style adventure game where video users generate a world where they can create their own structures and contraptions out of textured cubes.  There are estimated to be over 250 million users worldwide!!!

Minecraft is fantastic for children as it makes them use their imagination.  Suitable for over 7s and even adults are playing again, as they were originally the first generation to play it when it began over 10 years ago! As it is a game that can be easily played on all devices its popularity will continue to increase.  There are now even Minecraft YouTube stars who influence their fans by aiding them on how to improve their Minecraft worlds!!

The Minecraft Official Mini 2021 Calendar is the ideal calendar for Kitchens, Desks and limited wall spaces. There are pictures on each month of Minecraft and there is the opportunity to write notes as well for 2021.