Magic The Gathering (Magic cards, Magic or MTG) is a collectible and digital collective fantasy card game designed by Richard Garfield.   This was first played and published in 1993 and the publishers are 'Wizards of the Coast.'  With each game of Magic you play a powerful wizard who is called a 'Planeswalker' who summons creatures, spells and weapons to aid you in your destruction of  the other planeswalkers. 

Magic The Gathering involves a high level of strategy and this starts from the beginning when you build your card deck and how you use your cards in play.  In fact this game will make you feel pretty smart.  Not forgetting the artwork on each of the cards which is designed from all different artists.   There are also YouTube Shows and Twitch livestreams and not forgetting the  popularity of open-world video games.  The estimations of how many players there are of MTG are over 20 million and will continue to grow as it is more mainstream now.

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