Justin Bieber was discovered at the tender age of 13 on YouTube. Soon after Justin's debut album was released called 'My World' including collaborations with the music icon Usher.  With this album Bieber amazing achieved 7 songs to feature on the 'Billboard Hot 100.'

Today Justin is an established music artist with currently five albums to his name.  Here are a few of Justin's most popular hits including  'Despacito,' 'Where Are U Now' and 'I Don't Care.'  Justin's latest album and the corresponding tour is called 'Changes.' 

The Biebers' fans are known as 'Beliebers.'  With having over 100 million Twitter fans, make a Belieber happy today by buying this Justin Bieber Official 2021 A3 Wall Calendar featuring handsome pictures of Justin.  This A3 Calendar format gives you the opportunity of having both a Justin Bieber poster and a date panel.