Disney Villains 2022 Square Wall Calendar

Disney Villains 2022 Square Wall Calendar



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Disney Villains is a calendar just about the Disney baddies, the characters that we all love to hate. There are lots of Villains in Disney films that are loved by many generations. Who doesn't love a Disney film! 

This Disney Villains Calendar will include the villain Scar, from the outstanding 'Lion King,' Cruella from the classic '101 Dalmatians,' Ursula From 'The Little Mermaid' and Jafar from 'Aladdin.' Disney films are loved for their emotional storytelling, first-class animation and allowing us to lose ourselves in their fantasy worlds.

Buy today this Disney Villains Official 2022 Square Wall Calendar for the ultimate Disney fan. The Square calendar will have outstanding pictures of all your favourite villains from all the classic Disney films. Plus there is an opportunity to write all your important dates for 2022 in the date boxes.



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