Disney Jungle Cruise 2022 Square Wall Calendar

Disney Jungle Cruise 2022 Square Wall Calendar



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Disney Jungle Cruise is an adventure film based on the Disney Theme Park Ride which visitors can experience at many Disney Parks worldwide. These Disney Theme Parks include the famous Magic Kingdom at Disney World, Tokyo's Disneyland and Hong Kong's Disneyland. 

This Disney Jungle Cruise is set in the early 20th Century where the Riverboat Captain takes a scientist and her brother into the jungle to find the 'Tree of Life' which they believe to possess healing powers. With an action-packed cast, we are sure this will be another Disney film you can't miss or risk being thrown overboard!

Buy today this Disney Jungle Cruise Official 2022 Square Wall Calendar for your adventurous Disney fan. This Poster calendar will have memorable pictures from the Disney hit film. There also will be an opportunity to write all your important dates for 2022 in the date boxes.



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