Baby shark is a children's song featuring a family of sharks. It has been popular since 2016 when a South Korean education company called Pinkfong turned it into a viral video which spread through social ,media, online video, and radio. It is originated from a campfire style song, where each member of the family are introduced with different hand motions.

It is sung worldwide by millions of people and recognised by billions. it is popular to play on holiday at kids club and for p[parents with their little ones. It has even been preformed on the x-factor by Simon Cowell's son and by a 16 year old on Lithuania. It has been used in adverts also and many famous people have also been captured singing the song and their own versions. It is a laugh with your family to sing as a group and make everyone smile. whilst singing along

This calendar is perfect for a baby shark fan as the best way to watch your year go by, perfect for children to get a sense of the months of the year but also fun for them to see all the different images which are baby shark themed! What better way for your child to watch the year go by than with none other than the baby shark anthem?! Be a part of the action and singalong to baby shark with your first calendar! 

The My First Calendar range has been accredited by the Good Toy Guide which states that this product has the developmental benefits of:

  • Promotes speech, language and communication skills
  • Develops pincer grip and writing
  • Great for learning the days or the week, months of the year and seasons