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Celebrating the release of the much-loved TV show’s first CGI film ‘PAW Patrol: The Movie,’ which is in cinemas now, we have been exploring why this programme is so adored. Launched in the UK in 2015 and popular with boys and girls aged 2-5, PAW Patrol is now one of the biggest preschool brands on our screens and on the shelves.

So why is it that kids love this TV show so much?

Puppies - One of the key reasons for the show’s immense popularity is the inclusion of these loveable pups. The most owned pet in the UK, many children are familiar with dogs, viewing them as happy and ever-willing playmates. PAW Patrol encapsulates the fun personalities of pooches by giving each pup a different colour, breed, profession, and skill, which not only makes them easy to recognise but allows children to choose their favourite.

Superheroes- Comparable to dogs, everyone loves superheroes. With the popularity of characters as Batman, Spiderman, Superman and Wonderwoman, the love for superheroes is stronger than ever! So, combine pups with saving the day and it’s an idea that allows kids imagination to run wild.

Catchy rhymes and songs- This show has an array of different catchy rhymes such as ‘Rubble on the double’ and ‘Chase is on the case.’ Children love to sing these rhymes repeatedly as they are fun and memorable, much like the show’s theme tune ‘PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol be there on the double.’

Curriculum - This aspect of the show allows the audience to learn and get involved with Ryder and the pups. This is through problem-solving, teamwork, social skills and critical thinking. These valuable skills are transferable and encourage children to identify themselves with the characters and follow in the same suit as their favourite pup.

Repetition - This show follows a similar but popular plot mechanic with each episode, with pups saving the day but solving a different problem each time. However, this consistency is why children love it and why PAW Patrol has reached 350 million households globally.

Overall, PAW Patrol lets children immerse themselves into the show, giving them problems to solve and encouraging the belief that despite being small you can still achieve big things.

We hope that you have enjoyed our summary of this favourite preschool show. Tell us your best PAW Patrol moments and / or your favourite pup character?

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