Growing up, it was maybe frustrating getting advice from your mum or the mum-type figure in your life. Perhaps you rolled your eyes or just ignored it! But it isn’t until we all get a little older that we start to realise that maybe they were right.

To celebrate Mother’s Day this coming Sunday 27th March, we’re sharing some of the best advice from mums which show maybe she does know best 😊

Be Kind

It can prove to be hard but being kind, even when people aren’t nice to you, will serve you well. We often don’t know what is happening in that person’s life so it’s worth giving them the benefit of the doubt

Keep a rainy-day fund

Make sure to put aside a little bit of money a month to help with unexpected costs or saving towards something you want. This may sometimes mean missing out in the short term, but it will definitely pay off in the end and give you that extra security.

Work Hard

This lesson connects well to the previous one but it’s important in life to work hard! To save your money you first need to earn it and by working hard this will help you focus on achieving your goals and successes.

Make time for Family and Friends

Its healthier to try a find a balance in life, whether that’s between work and play or your romantic relationships and your friends and family. Plus trust your instincts when it comes to the people in your life and whether they are worthy of your time.

You are perfect just as you are

Be kind to yourself! Growing up it can be difficult not to compare yourself to others, but everyone is different and it's those differences that make you individual, unique and amazing.


If you have a great piece of advice from your mum or mum type figure, or perhaps that you give as a mum, then please do let us know.


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