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Halloween is only a day away! A day full of dressing up, pumpkin carving, watching scary movies, and eating sweets. So, to celebrate the spooky season, we are sharing our top 5 Halloween themed calendar titles.  


Firstly, we have Harry Potter, which we are calling Halloween themed due to its magical nature. With the fantastical scenery and powerful characters, what better way to get into the mood then with the renowned Harry Potter movie series. This stunning official 2022 square wall calendar includes the likes of Voldermort and Severus Snape as well favourites Harry, Ron and Hermione.



Stranger Things is next on our list. A renowned American science fiction horror drama series available on Netflix. This thrilling supernatural series has received praise for its characterisation, atmosphere, acting, soundtrack, and homages to 1980's genre films. Originally starting in 2016, we cannot wait for series 4 next year. This dark official Stranger Things 2022 calendar features retro-style imagery of all our favourite characters, from Hop to Dustin to Will, alongside large monthly date panels.



Next in this spooky line-up is DC super-villains, originating from renowned comic book company DC Comics. This official 2022 calendar includes all your favourite villains, who we love to hate, such as ‘The Joker,' 'Lex Luthor' and 'The Cheetah’ via illustrative imagery. The ideal calendar for any DC Comics villain fans.



Another villain title is up next, with the despicable Disney villains. There is a ‘baddie’ in every Disney movie from Scar in ‘The Lion King’ to Ursula in ‘The little Mermaid.’ Whether you love them or fear them, they’re pretty impressive and this official 2022 calendar features all the best ones!



Last but certainly not least is the Halloween movie ‘Nightmare Before Christmas.’ This dark musical film follows Jack Skellington, King of Halloween Town whose attempts to bring Christmas home causes confusion. Despite being released over 25 years ago this film is still popular today for its animation style and for the fantastic stop-motion animation process. Plus with both kids and adults still enjoying the songs, stories, and characters from this fantasy film. This stunning official 2022 calendar includes popular characters with key phrases, alongside beautiful hints of orange that run through the dark theme. 


In addition to our favourite titles, here are some fun facts about the Halloween season:

Fun facts about Halloween

  • Halloween is also known as All Hallows’ Eve and All Saints Eve.

  • Finding a spider on Halloween is said to give you good luck

  • In Dublin, Georgia any costume that covers your face in illegal

  • Nearly 19,000 tons of pumpkins are sold in the US and UK every Halloween season.

  • The first Jack o lantern was carved from turnips

We hope you enjoyed our break down of our top 5 Halloween titles. Why not let us know what your favourite Halloween movie is?

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