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LOL Surprise! is the latest toy phenomenon based on collectability, dolls, and unveiling. This increasingly popular toy features several layers of surprises, including clothes and accessories, that kids unravel to reveal a collectable doll. These amazing products have mastered the ability to combine adorable dolls that every child wants with a YouTube unboxing phenomenon that has gone viral on social media.

In 2019, a brand-new L.O.L surprise boys’ series were released, making the dolls attractive to both genders. In addition, MGA Entertainment have expanded their appeal with new range L.O.L Surprise! OMG. Standing for Outrageous Millennial Girls, these are the big sisters to L.O.L Surprise! who slay all day and march to the beat of their own D.J. They are all about style, fashion and accessories that are a lil’ outrageous, because they’re here to surprise the world!  Check out our official personalised L.O.L Surprise! OMG card range now here, perfect for your little one’s birthday!

3, 2, 1... action!

We are super excited that the official LOL Surprise! movie is now available on Netflix.  Where Queen Bee has made her first-ever movie with her big sister, Royal Bee!

This fun 45-minute movie stars a young girl who finds herself in the popular dolls’ CG-animated world on a thrilling adventure. To excite you all further, the film includes 2 new songs as well as showcasing the voices of the L.O.L Surprise! dolls for the first time!

So, check out this super funny one-of-a-kind fantasy, action, spooky, and sci-fi western adventure now and let us know what you think!

To celebrate the release of this exciting movie, we also have some interesting facts about L.O.L Surprise! to share with you:

Interesting Facts about L.O.L Surprise!

  • L.O.L Surprise! remix album received 81m global views on YouTube.

  • L.O.L Surprise! toy range has over 250 characters to collect.

  • L.O.L Surprise! YouTube channel has 1.85m subscribers.

  • In Sweden, L.O.L Surprise! was awarded ‘Toy of the Year’ for school children

  • All the L.O.L Surprise! dolls are scented


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