So, Father's Day may be looking a little different this year but that certainly doesn't mean you can't still have some quality time this Father's Day and plan some easy and fun activities, alongside giving him a thoughtful card

It may be that he already has an idea of how he would like to spend the day but if not then see below our top 5 ideas of how you can celebrate the Number One man in your life this Sunday!

PLUS we'd love to hear if you have any other ideas, so please do share via the comments below!

1. Make him breakfast in bed

Make his day by serving him a nice hearty breakfast in bed and maybe the kids can help prepare it. Also you can let him lie in for a few hours longer to make it even more relaxing for him.

2. Organise a surprise video call 

Schedule some time in the day for a special surprise family call with relatives. Or if you want to meet with other family members outside, make sure you adhere to social distancing and stay two meters apart.

3. Watch his favourite movie 

Why not have a relaxing evening by screening one or two of his favourite movies. And you may need to keep age appropriateness in mind when choosing. 

4. Plan some games

Father's Day is a great opportunity to get some of the family favourite board games out. Or maybe some video games instead and host a competition.

5. Have an outdoor adventure

If we're lucky with the weather then you could spend some quality time together in the fresh air. Maybe go on a hike or a bike ride in the forest or maybe just a nice picnic with his favourite foods. Or you could even spend the evening camping out in the garden together (if you can).


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