Since 2011, we have been proud to publish Gary Barlow’s official calendar. So, with this being the 10th anniversary of Danilo creating an official calendar for this national treasure, we wanted to let you know some of our favourite Gary Barlow moments from over the past 10 years:


Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)

This was a truly memorable moment in 2012, when Gary was appointed an OBE on the Queen’s birthday honours list. This was for his service to the entertainment industry as well as for his generous acts for charity. This OBE was awarded days after he organised the spectacular Diamond Jubilee concert for the Queen, which took place just outside Buckingham Palace.



Musical Theatre

The popular musical, written by both Gary Barlow and Tim Firth, is based on the 2003 film Calendar Girls. In 2017, the musical opened throughout the UK with the title of ‘Calendar Girls The Musical’ and proved to be a great success. Llangollen Operatic Society, established in 1908, are even showcasing their interpretation of the musical next year. This is not the first time Gary has immersed himself into musical theatre, as back in 2014, he co-wrote the music and lyrics with Eliot Kennedy for the musical ‘Finding Neverland’, which had a 17-month run on Broadway.


Comic Relief

In 2017, James Cordon teamed up with Gary Barlow along with his band mates Mark Owen and Howard Donald to bring Carpool Karaoke to UK screens as a Comic Relief special. This special brought fans exactly what they wanted, from old Take That classics to fun chat show games.


The Crooner Sessions

The Crooner Sessions is a series that Gary introduced to his YouTube channel when Covid-19 first struck. These videos lifted many peoples spirts during the unknown of lockdown. Throughout 2020, he partnered up with many musical artists from Sir Elton John to McFly. Music fans everywhere looked forward to every upload and were excited to see which artist was going to appear with him next.


Upcoming Tour

We’re excited to see that Gary is due to start his tour, ‘Music Played by Humans’, in November this year. Due to launch in 2020, it had to be rescheduled because of the pandemic. He will be accompanied by an orchestra as well as special guest Leona Lewis and we’re sure it’s going to be a fantastic event.


We hope you have enjoyed going down memory lane with us, reliving some of our favourite Gary Barlow moments over the years. Please do share below if you agree or if you want to share with us your favourite times.

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Is there going to be a Take That calendar this year? I’m Team Mark- and while the calendar of Gary is nice, I have no interest in buying a solo Gaz apart from Mark and Howard.

Dee Kenny

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