Now that December has begun, we are all starting to get into the festive spirit and think about Christmas. Whilst it can be a wonderful and exciting time of the year, trying to get everything done in time can sometimes mean that this cheerful time of year soon becomes overwhelming and stressful.

So, to help you stay organised and as stress-free as possible, we thought we’d share our top Christmas organisation tips with you:


  1. Early on in December, we suggest setting your budget for presents, wrapping paper, cards, decorations and of course, food. Doing this via an excel template (we love this one) or just a handwritten list, will help you keep on track. In preparation for next year, you could even start saving a little money each month from January, so that when the festive season comes, your bank account doesn’t take as big a hit in one go.  

  1. Then we recommend creating a separate list of all the people that you need to shop for, as well as potential gift ideas and a budget amount assigned for each person. Then you can tick off when each present has been bought and when it has been gift-wrapped and will assist you in making sure no-one is forgotten as well as helping to keep an eye on who you still need to buy for.

  1. Next on the top tip list, is to make sure you get your Christmas cards bought, written, and sent out as early as possible, so that family and friends can enjoy their cards as long as possible. If you’re sending them out a little later, make sure you take into consideration royal mail delivery times, and last posting dates, so that your card or present will arrive there in time. To save money on gift wrap and Christmas cards, you can buy special Christmas bundles such as these and reduce your cost by getting them all together.

  1. When decorating your home and tree for the festive season, it’s a good opportunity to sort through your current Christmas decorations and maybe donate any that you do not use any more. This will mean less storage space being used up and less decorations to pack away in January.

  1. Lastly, whether you are spending the big day at a loved one’s, friend’s house or you are hosting, make a list now for everything you need to make or take with you on Christmas Day will be a great help. Preparing a timeline in advance of when all the elements of Christmas dinner need to go in the oven, or writing a list of which presents you need to make sure are wrapped up and packed in the car are good examples of how planning beforehand can help take the hassle and stress out of enjoying Christmas.

We hope these top tips have helped inspire you to prepare for a more organised Christmas, but if you have you own top tips, we would love you to share them with us!

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