LOL Surprise Cards

This card collection is based on the MGA Entertainment toy LOL Surprise! The toy is presented in a ball that has different stickers, secret messages, and accessories at each layer where the final layer is the LOL Doll. There are now many LOL Dolls from various series and spin-offs. The series features Dolls such as Surfer Babe, Leading Baby, Stardust Queen, and Bon Bon. Since the Dolls were such a big hit, the Dolls now have pets that can also be collected in LOL Surprise toys. 

Danilo presents a card collection full of pink, glitz, and glamour in fitting perfectly with the LOL Dolls. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or are in need of a general greeting card, a LOL Doll fan can be greeted by one of their favourite characters. These cards are unique with badges, hair clips, and pop up features!