Minecraft 2022 Square Wall Calendar

Minecraft 2022 Square Wall Calendar



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Minecraft continues to be a phenomenon and is a Lego-style adventure game where video users generate a world where they can create their own structures and contraptions out of textured cubes. Minecraft entered the market in 2009 and its popularity has grown and there are estimated to be over 250 million registered users worldwide.

Minecraft uses a child's imagination and is suitable for children over 7 and adults are playing now due to the nostalgia element. These adults were playing Minecraft when it first began 10 years ago and have now returned and are hooked all over again. Recently, there has been the emergence of  YouTube stars who are influencing the fans and aiding them with how to improve their Minecraft worlds!! 

This Minecraft Official 2022 Calendar is a Square Wall Calendar.  Each month contains pictures of Minecraft lands. With this Square Format, there is lots of space in the date panel to write your notes and appointments for 2022. This is perfect buy for a Minecraft fan.



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