Disney Vintage Posters 2022 A5 Diary

Disney Vintage Posters 2022 A5 Diary



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Disney makes magical films that are loved by all generations. They have been producing films since 1937. They are best known for their emotional storytelling, first-class animation, and immersing us into their fantasy worlds. Classic Disney Films never lose their appeal and are still very popular today.

This Disney Vintage Posters Diary will contain posters of some of the 'Vintage' Disney films. These include 'Cinderella,' 'Bambi,' 'Lady and the Tramp,' 'Dumbo' and 'Snow White' to name a few. Each Poster will be the retro design of the famous poster of the 'Vintage' Disney film.

This Disney Vintage Posters Official 2022 A5 Diary has a hardback cover with stunning pictures of the Disney Vintage Posters throughout the diary. There is of course plenty of room for all your daily, appointments as well as address pages, notable dates and a year-to-view. Buy today for your Disney fan.

Dimensions: 155mm X 135mm X 40mm



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